Gabe Robledo de la Barra

Formally educated in Health Science, I have spent more than the last decade working as a Massage Therapist in Sydney with a range of clients from weekend warriors to elite athletes, helping them reach their next goal or maintain their healthy lives.
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My focus has always been client-centred to deliver results by giving the best massage using massage and other massage/soft tissue techniques to enhance your performance and optimise recovery times.

I will listen to what you need, work with you to create and develop custom massage programs based on what you require. From basic Swedish Massage to primarily using Deep Tissue techniques, I also apply long firm stretches (for Myofascial Release) , Trigger Point releases and Dry Needling to unbind taught muscles. I have specialisedd in these techniques through working in several Physiotherapy clinics and I’m able to relieve pain, re-energise the body and then with specific feedback help you continue your daily life or allow you resume doing what you love. Helping people find better ways to live or even finding ways to live their current life better is what I love with this job.

Different playlists are curated daily…just don’t expect Enya or Whale sounds. You will rarely find one type of music or one playlist on repeat at BetterU Norwest & Sydney Remedial Massage and I'm always open to suggestions! 

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other therapists

At this time, it is just me in Clinic and I work from both clinics. However, I have a team of fantastic therapists that work with me for Corporate Events . We have worked together for many events and companies including:
- HP Headquarters
- City to Surf
- Subaru Headquarters
- Telstra
- Several Gyms
- Health Week in Corporate offices