Trigger Point Therapy

You can’t treat it if you can’t find it! The best massage therapist will use Trigger Point Therapy (also known as Nueromuscular Therapy) to focus pressure and apply it to specific points in the muscles to bring a reduction of tension in the body.

It is recognised as an effective form of pain relief especially from muscular aches, if you can tolerate a higher pain scale. An amateur therapist can sometimes find these “knots” and go in too hard and too fast. Remember, you are the boss on the table.

If a trigger point is active, it means without any pressure applied it will refer pain to several other areas. If it is latent, this referral occurs when pressure is applied. Often when the therapist finds the spot it will refer down an area of pain you are familiar with.


Referrals have their own pathways and do not follow neural or dermatome patterns so it is easy to spot and an expert therapist can sometimes see the trigger point even before palpation.

In the image displayed, the X signifies the trigger point (or cause of discomfort) and the red indicates where most people feel the discomfort of this trigger point. When X is pressed it can strengthen the discomfort and after applied pressure, backs down to the point of no pain.

Trigger points work to release tight muscles and activate loose muscles because of their neurological effect on the body. Through this therapy we are able to access a greater range of motion, reduce tension, and also allow you to return back to normal day to day routine without the heaviness you would have come in with.