Cancellation Policy

We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your initial consult so that you are ready to talk with your therapist about prior health history. For subsequent sessions we recommend 5 minutes prior. Both clinics have nice waiting rooms where you can have a seat.

We understand life happens and we try to be flexible when possible. However we have some policies in place to respect the therapist’s time and other client’s times.

Late Arrival

To ensure you get your full treatment, arriving on time is necessary so that you get the entire time allocated to you. We have appointments scheduled immediately after each other and that will affect the rest of the day if we were to push it back further.

We retain the right to charge the price of the dedicated appointment as that time has been reserved purposefully.

Late Cancellations and No-Shows

We are committed to provide an exceptional level of care. Cancelling last minute or not showing up affects not just the clinic but other clients that could have seen someone during that time and were on the cancellation list

For this reason our Cancellation Policy is as follows:
Rescheduling appointments are not a problem. Rescheduling or cancelling within 16 hours of the appointment are charged $50*
Cancellation within 4hrs and No-shows at the appointment are charged the full fee*

*These charges are not processed if someone on the cancellation list is able to take the appointment.

Cancellation List

Same day appointments can be hard to come by. If there are no appointments available online there is a possibility you can text 0415 811 441 and be put on the cancellation list for that day. You will be notified if a spot becomes available.

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