Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

With experience working with professional sports teams and athletes in AFL, NRL, Netball, Marathon Running, Basketball, Paralympics and Ice Hockey, we are excited at BetterU to work with athletes because we know how important it is to get back in the game.

Both professional and amateur athletes should consider incorporating regular massage into their routine, which many of the world’s top athletes consider to be an essential part of training. It is integral for sports people as it helps support the body by circulating new blood, regain movement patterns, be pain free and reduce the opportunity for injury through your livelihood.

Differences between Sports & Remedial

  • Technique and pressure differs depending on where you are in your training program. It’s often we get Marathon runners that come in 2 days before their runs, then after the run too. These 2 treatments have completely different outcomes so will change drastically in the way they are designed

  • Recovery is a big part of Sports Massage. After a massage, you can get back to training quicker. Massage is also used by many clients after a huge sporting weekend to get them back to feeling their best and pain free for work the next day.

  • With athletes, there are days where massage can provide the positive psychological effects the athlete needs to be ready.

  • Finally, depending on the athlete, Sports Massage can have an impact on rehabilitation and rather than a general massage, this type is focused only for the required area. This is usually a 30 or 45min treatment where the affected area and surrounding areas are targeted in ways that won’t affect sports performance.