Pregnancy Massage

For us, this means both the pregnancy and postnatal therapy as well. Beyond the biomechanical benefits, it’s a fantastic moment for the mum to take a moment for themselves. Similar to our Remedial treatments, our Pregnancy treatments are customised because no one pregnancy is alike.

One key point our clients love is that we are confident with the pressure we give, so for mothers that like a deeper treatment, we provide a firm pressure together with using our special Pregnancy Cushion and an adjustable head piece for extra comfort.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced tension

  • Boosted mood and better sleep

  • Reduced back and joint pain, so you are comfortable throughout the baby’s development


Safety and health of mum and baby is our #1 priority. It’s a question we regularly get asked when people see our Cushion. Massage is safe throughout the entire duration of pregnancy. Some therapists not well trained in Pregnancy Massage are usually concerned about pressing the wrong spots and inducing an early labour but we avoid firm pressure in to these specific areas.

As with our Remedial Massage treatments we use Coconut Oil (hypoallergenic / low allergy ) and no essential oils (in case of allergies) and also massage on the side.

As a precaution, there are some times during pregnancy when it is not safe to get a massage:

Contraindications for Massage During Pregnancy

  • Placenta Previa (but not in all cases)

  • Some high risk pregnancies (OB/GYN will advise) including preeclampsia, high blood pressure PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension), Previous pre-term labour, Recent bleeding, Pre-term contractions

  • Specific advice from treating medical professional.